WARRIORS: Activate - Educate - Liberate




Transforming survivors into WARRIORS through action

WARRIORS: Activate - Educate - Liberate is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to ending sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. Our mission is to empower people and communities with the tools, education, and resources to fight the systems and beliefs that perpetuate cultures of violence.

Help us raise funds to continue our work and attain new goals

Your donation, large or small, will help:

  • Fund our legislative lobbying team

  • Develop educational toolkits for institutions, schools, and communities

  • Provide sexual assault survivor support and resources

  • Launch a mobile listserv to better enable our simple acts of activism


~ Crystal

“My rapist was ousted from presidency of my old volunteer organization thanks to the blog post I published about him.
I went to Aruba with a close, trusted friend, and I told myself I was mighty, and I posed like a warrior on this ocean side rock.”


~ Laura

“Last year I ran 1000km to raise money for Rape Crisis UK. They’ve helped me greatly over the years and I wanted to say thanks to them.”


~ Angie

“I am the Sexual Assault Victim Advocate at The Bridge To Hope, a dual sexual assault/domestic violence non profit agency/shelter. This is me representing my agency at a Take Back the Night event on April 2nd.”